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September 2008

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short testimony

Psalms 147:3,”He heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds.” –The Holy Bible, NKJV. My name is Meghan Camarena, and although I was raised a Christian, I never knew what it meant to be one. It was not until eight months ago did I decide to rededicate myself to Christ. My life before that was filled with depression, anger, alcohol, suicidal thoughts, brokenness, and lustful and worldly morals. God has been the only thing to consistently pull me out of every bad situation I have been put it.
When I was younger, my father and mother both worked and supported the family. Kindergarten through second grade I attended public school, but half way through the second grade I was taken out and put on home schooling. At that time my mother had become very sick from a back injury she had sustained at her job. She became addicted to several medications and spent the majority of the time in her room passed out. Because my father worked during the day and my mother wasn’t able to take care of use we had to move away to my grandmas until my parents were able to get back on their feet.
After spending a year with my grandma my brothers and I were able to come back home. My mom got better temporarily and held a job for about a year, but soon returned to her medication and bedside. Her pain returned and she could not longer work. At this time I was eleven and was aware of the consequences of my mother getting sick. So to avoid being sent back up to my grandmothers, I picked up my mom’s slack. I began cooking dinners, washing clothes, packing lunches, grocery shopping and cleaning the house. Instead of my mother appreciating what I was doing she became hurt and felt as if I was replacing her. When she would come out of her room she would yell at me and sometimes physically take her frustrations out on me and my younger brothers.
My mother would continue this abuse until I was in high school and at that point in time I no longer cared. I hated life and everyone in it. I turned to the party scene and was hardly ever home. Alcohol helped me forget about my problems. It temporarily healed the scars and eased the pain of my burdens. I didn’t have anything else that gave me this kind of release so I used it every opportunity I had.
After high school I met this boy who made me feel like the only person in the world. I had plans to marry him and start a family but because of religious differences and many arguments we broke up after a year and a half. He was my escape from my family and when he left I felt as if my life was over. I sat on my bed entertaining the thought of suicide. When in that time God came to me and told me to get my life together. I started attending Calvary temple and haven’t looked back at my old life.
Without God I wouldn’t be here. God healed my heart, restored my faith, and gave purpose to my existence.




i was very inspired by this post...i will no longer entertain suicidal thoughts...thank you so much.=)